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SUNY Cobleskill Facility
Complex Design

MEP Design + Energy Modeling

Cobleskill, NY

SUNY Cobleskill Facility Complex Design | MEP Design + Energy Modeling |
Cobleskill, NY

The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill was founded in 1911 in the rural city of Cobleskill, NY. SUNY Cobleskill has earned its recognition since its founding for its rich academic tradition and service to its community. The college offers its students intimate class settings, hands-on learning experiences, diverse study abroad programs, and numerous extracurricular activities. To continue to house these opportunities for its students, SUNY Cobleskill aims to design a facility complex for the campus.

In the SUNY Cobleskill Facility Complex Design, Setty’s services will include MEP design, Energy Modeling, Construction Administration and Condition Assessment for a facilities complex of approximately 25,568 sf. Code analysis and MEP calculations will be provided by SETTY in addition to ensuring that the design facility is low safety risk through extensive surveying.

Durham City Center

MEP Design

Durham, NC

Durham City Center | MEP/FP Design | Durham, NC

Setty provided Mechanical and Plumbing design for the new construction of this 26 story mixed-use building, consisting of retail, restaurant, office, apartment, clubhouse, and garage space. 

Designed to achieve LEED certified, Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) were used to condition the buildings, with cooling towers utilized to reject heat from the building.
A combination of intermittent exhaust, recirculation, and continuous exhaust fans located on each level, ventilates the garage. 


Dunbar High School

MEP/FP Design + BAS

+ Energy Modeling

Washington, DC

Dunbar High School | MEP/FP Design + BAS + Energy Modeling | Washington, DC

As part of the District’s program to modernize DC schools, the historic Dunbar High School was demolished and replaced with a new 276,536 sf building designed to include state-of-the-art sustainable features.

Sustainable Design features incorporated:

  • Living Classrooms: Educating the students about High Performance Buildings by highlighting those features in their school with plaques
  • Renewable Energies: The largest urban geothermal system in DC, at 850 tons, and 362 vertical wells, drilled to 460 feet deep, located below the football field.
  • Renewable Energies: Solar panels with total output from the photovoltaic array of 482.3 kW.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Low VOC construction materials utilized.
  • Automated Energy Saving Systems: Enhanced lighting controls *with occupancy sensors and timers
  • Radiant floor heating *
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Utilizing two 20,000 gallon cisterns for collecting and reusing rainwater.

The design is expected to produce 26.92% energy savings, and 28.2% cost savings, in comparison with the baseline design.


HD Woodson STEM High School

MEP/FP Design + Green Roof

+ BAS + Rainwater Harvesting

+ Pool Dehumidification Units

Washington, DC

HD Woodson STEM High School | MEP/FP Design + BAS + Green Roof 
+ Rainwater Harvesting + Pool Dehumidification Units | Washington, DC

Setty provided MEP/FP design services for this now LEED Gold certified 320,000 gsf building, the first newly constructed high school in DC in almost 40 years. 
The challenge was to not only comply with all requirements of the local constituency, but also establish the benchmark for all future DC schools by surpassing the goals of the local energy code, ASHRAE, and LEED. Despite its challenges, the project was completed on time and under budget, which is an incredible testament to the entire design and construction team given the project’s sheer size and lofty performance goals.

Pool dehumidification units were used to condition the large open natatorium space, with residual heat hydronically transferred over to the pool water via a heat exchanger. An airside economizer cycle was also utilized to condition the space when ambient conditions were optimal, to reduce the mechanical refrigeration requirements for the space. High-efficiency chillers and condensing hot water boilers were used to further improve the energy savings. All dedicated outside air units were also specified with integrated energy recovery wheels, and an automated building automation system (BAS) was installed to serve all of the equipment. 

Architectural floating acoustic clouds for sound baffling were suspended in the state-of-the-art auditorium, requiring resizing of all ductwork in order to fit and route it through the webbings of the truss system. All ductwork and major piping was modeled and checked for clash detection before any installation in the field, which allowed for a smoother construction process.

Scope of work included: 

  • Gymnasium, 1,200 seat state-of-the-art auditorium, indoor pool, wrestling room, fitness center and three level classroom towers.
  • New field house including stadium lighting.
  • Green roof and rainwater harvesting system for water closets and irrigation.
  • Telecom pathway (Enclosure, Conduit, Power and A/C).
  • Building Automation System (Energy, Fire and Security).
  • BIM Integrated 3D Design – Revit MEP 2009.



DC Public School
Stoddert Elementary School

MEP Design + Geothermal

Washington, DC

DC Public School, Stoddert Elementary School | MEP Design + Geothermal | 
Washington, DC

Setty provided MEP and Geothermal Design for this modernization project, awarded LEED Gold certification. Due to the historic significance of the existing building, Stoddert was slated for modernization and an addition, doubling its size on the 6.5 acre site.

Scope of services included:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study and concept design.
  • Schematic MEP design with BIM integration.
  • Geothermal design for a 150 ton geothermal system.
  • Preparation of complete detailed and coordinated Construction Documents.
  • Construction Administration and Construction Management services.
  • LEED workshops with design team, and DC Public Schools (DCPS) and OPEFM representatives to identify sustainable design strategies to be included in revised design.


Washington Highlands Library

Facility Condition Assessment

+ New Building Design

Washington, DC

Washington Highlands Library | Facility Condition Assessment + New Bldg Design |
Washington, DC

Setty performed a thorough architectural condition assessment, MEP assessment, and code review of the 17,120 gsf library. We conducted a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) on the building systems, including roofing, piping, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, architectural and structural systems. All systems were monitored, and ADA compliance was addressed in a report. The code violations, building recommendations and upgrade costs were submitted to DC Public Libraries, and the costs were run through life-cycle costing. The results concluded that the library was best served by being demolished and a new library built to modern standards.

Setty's work contined on to the new building design, and as part of teh A/E team, performed design and related services, including drawings and specifications for new construction of The Washington Highland Library. This brand new 23,168 sf library is a showcase of integrated design and advanced thermal comfort systems, anticipated to receive a LEED Silver rating, and boasts the latest technologically advanced heating and cooling systems and variable refrigerant flow. Additional LEED strategies incorporated include daylight harvesting, high-performance glazing, envelope light fins/shelves, green roofs, T-5 lighting, advanced-lighting controls, high-efficiency heat pumps, demand-control ventilation, heat-recovery wheels, dedicated outside air system that modulates based on occupancy, and sustainable materials.

Scope of services included:

  • Support program analysis for HVAC zones, normal and off-hour zones.
  • Considerations for ground source heat pump.
  • Code compliant plumbing systems.
  • Fire protection (wet pipe sprinkler system, smoke detection, interfaced to BAS).
  • Energy-efficient electrical power and lighting system design.
  • Energy-efficient mechanical (HVAC) design enabling zone isolation (Non-Use Shut-Down)

Park Morton 

MEP/FP Design + Energy Models

+ Emergency Power + Light Pollution  

Washington, DC

Park Morton | MEP/FP Design + Energy Models + Emergency Power + Light Pollution |
Washington, DC

Wheeler Terrace Apartments

MEP Design + Geothermal

+ Green Roofs + LEED

Washington, DC

Wheeler Terrace Apartments | MEP Design + Geothermal + Green Roofs + LEED |
Washington, DC

Setty provided the first geothermal system for a DC housing development, designing the new M/E/P systems for seven modules. Extending our support, we also provided LEED Gold certification administration and fundamental and enhanced commissioning services, as well. The affordable housing project boasts energy savings of 25%, which will be shared with the residents (a first in the nation).

The MEP systems are based around geothermal wells for each of the seven buildings (117 total units). Some of the LEED strategies incorporated are high-performance heat pumps, geothermal well field, green roofs, occupancy sensors, demand-control bathroom ventilation, recycled materials, a super heater for the domestic hot water, and high-efficiency lighting well below code.


Montgomery County
Glenmont Fire Station

MEP/FP Design + LEED energy models 

Wheaton, MD

Montgomery County, Glenmont Fire Station Replacement | MEP/FP Design 
+ LEED energy models | Wheaton, MD

Setty is providing MEP/FP services for the replacement of a 19,100 sf fire station, including drawings, specifications, technical documents, and construction administration.

Scope of services include:

  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design for a new permanent 4-bay fire station
  • Utility coordination for new site.
  • New LEED credit analysis to include two LEED energy models


So Others Might Eat Benning

MEP/FP Design + Energy Modeling


Washington, DC

So Others Might Eat Benning | MEP/FP Design + Energy Modeling + LEED |
Washington, DC

Setty is providing MEP/FP design services for a new mixed use facility, encompassing: 3,000 sf of office space, 16,000 sf of adult education space, 50 units of family housing (2, 3 and 4-Bedroom units), 150 units of Supportive Adult housing (SRO’s and Studios) totalling approximately 135,000 sf, and 62,000 sf of garage space. 

Two energy models will be prepared to demonstrate the system, selected by owner. The retail shell, medical space, office space and CET program will be designed to LEED Silver requirements.