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Hot Yoga Studio

Temperature Distribution
+ Air Flow Analysis 

Bethesda, MD

Hot Yoga Studio | Temperature Distribution + Air Flow Analysis | Bethesda, MD

Setty provided MEP/FP design for approximately 4,700 sf of tenant space. The designed space covers reception, men’s and women’s locker rooms, lounge/retail space, mat storage, toilets using existing mechanical unit. Setty’s design of dedicated mechanical unit covered approximately 1,600sf of Hot Yoga Studio A and Studio B.

Setty’s scope of services included temperature distribution and air flow analysis inside the Hot Yoga room and thermal comfort around the room.

MGM Conservatory

CFD Simulations for
HVAC Systems Design

Washington, DC

MGM Conservatory | CFD Simulations for HVAC Systems Design | Washington, DC

The MGM Conservatory is part of the new hotel and casino project at the National Harbor in Washington, DC. The conservatory is an 80 foot tall atrium with 13,000 square feet of floor area and 16,000 square feet of roof, which is entirely covered by a skylight. The spaces surrounding the first floor are primarily retail type, and most of them are separated from the atrium by a curtain wall. The second floor is at 25 ft height, is open to the atrium and extends to the top of the space.

Setty was commissioned to perform a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study of the air flow in the atrium and surrounding spaces in order to improve the HVAC design for meeting peak loads in the winter and summer. CFD was to be used to insure that there were uniform and comfortable air temperatures throughout the floor level of the atrium and on the second story floors that were open to the atrium. The purpose of the CFD study was to support engineers in assessing air flow and thermal comfort. Four scenarios were modeled: A high cooling load day was simulated for floor and ceiling extracts. A high heating load day was simulated with and without a radiant floor.

DCPS, Powell Elementary School

Study of Natural Ventilation 

Washington, DC

DCPS, Powell Elementary School | Study of Natural Ventilation | Washington, DC

Setty performed study to support building renovations at Powell Elementary School. The objective of this study is to use simulation results to improve the design of a solar chimney assisted natural ventilation system for the Powell Elementary School addition in Washington, DC. The simulations were conducted in the DesignBuilder front end for EnergyPlus and the DesignBuilder CFD module.

The project includes a full renovation of the school and the addition of eight classrooms on two floors, along with supporting spaces such as corridors.