Featured Projects

Dunbar High School

MEP/FP Design + BAS

+ Energy Modeling 

Washington, DC

Dunbar High School | MEP/FP Design + BAS + Energy Modeling | Washington, DC

As part of the District’s program to modernize DC schools, the historic Dunbar High School was demolished and replaced with a new 276,536 sf building designed to include

state-of-the-art sustainable features.

Sustainable Design features incorporated:

  • Living Classrooms: Educating the students about High Performance Buildings by highlighting those features in their school with plaques
  • Renewable Energies: The largest urban geothermal system in DC, at 850 tons, and 362 vertical wells, drilled to 460 feet deep, located below the football field.
  • Renewable Energies: Solar panels with total output from the photovoltaic array of 482.3 kW.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Low VOC construction materials utilized.
  • Automated Energy Saving Systems: Enhanced lighting controls *with occupancy sensors and timers
  • Radiant floor heating *
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Utilizing two 20,000 gallon cisterns for collecting and reusing rainwater.

The design is expected to produce 26.92% energy savings, and 28.2% cost savings, in comparison with the baseline design.

Stoddert Elementary School

MEP Design + Geothermal

Washington, DC

DC Public School, Stoddert Elementary School | MEP Design + Geothermal | 
Washington, DC

Setty provided MEP and Geothermal Design for this modernization project, awarded LEED Gold certification. Due to the historic significance of the existing building, Stoddert was slated for modernization and an addition, doubling its size on the 6.5 acre site.

Scope of services included:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study and concept design.
  • Schematic MEP design with BIM integration.
  • Geothermal design for a 150 ton geothermal system.
  • Preparation of complete detailed and coordinated Construction Documents.
  • Construction Administration and Construction Management services.
  • LEED workshops with design team, and DC Public Schools (DCPS) and OPEFM representatives to identify sustainable design strategies to be included in revised design.

Wheeler Terrace Apartments

MEP Design + Geothermal

+ Green Roofs + LEED

Washington, DC

Wheeler Terrace Apartments | MEP Design + Geothermal + Green Roofs + LEED |
Washington, DC

Setty provided the first geothermal system for a DC housing development, designing the new M/E/P systems for seven modules. Extending our support, we also provided LEED Gold certification administration and fundamental and enhanced commissioning services, as well. The affordable housing project boasts energy savings of 25%, which will be shared with the residents (a first in the nation).

The MEP systems are based around geothermal wells for each of the seven buildings (117 total units). Some of the LEED strategies incorporated are high-performance heat pumps, geothermal well field, green roofs, occupancy sensors, demand-control bathroom ventilation, recycled materials, a super heater for the domestic hot water, and high-efficiency lighting well below code.

University of District of Columbia

New Student Center 

MEP/FP Design + PV System 

+ Geothermal System

Washington DC

University of District of Columbia, New Student Center | MEP/FP Design
+ Geothermal System + PV System | Washington DC

KIPP DC: Will Academy

MEP/FP Design + LEED

+ Geothermal 

Washington, DC

KIPP DC: Will Academy | MEP/FP Design + Geothermal + LEED | Washington, DC

Gallaudet University Residence Hall

MEP/FP Design + Geothermal + LEED 

Washington DC

Gallaudet University Residence Hall | MEP/FP Design + Geothermal + LEED |
Washington DC

Setty provided MEP/FP and BIM Integrated 3D design services for a new 60,000 sf student dormitory/residence hall. The design included a 105.3 ton Geothermal system and was designed for LEED Gold. The project is in the first phase of two, designed as a 350 bed Freshman living and learning center that will enliven the heart of the campus.

Phase I encompasses the development of a living-learning residence hall for 175 freshman students in semi-suite style units.

This project won the 2013 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award!

University of VA

Recreation Center

MEP/FP Design + Aquatics Facility

+ Central Plant + Geothermal 

Charlottesville, VA

University of VA Recreation Center | MEP/FP Design + Aquatics Facility + Central Plant
+ Geothermal | Charlottesville, VA

Idea Public Charter School

Health And Wellness Center

MEP/FP Design + Geothermal 

Washington, DC

Idea Public Charter School, Health And Wellness Center | MEP/FP Design
+ Geothermal | Washington, DC