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DCPS: New Ballou High School

Combined Heating + PV System 

+ Power Central Plant (CHP) Design

+ Net-Zero Facility

Washington, DC

DCPS: New Ballou High School | Combined Heating + Power Central Plant (CHP)
Design + PV System + Net-Zero Facility | Washington, DC

Setty is designing an innovative Net-Zero school facility with common HVAC and energy systems, but combined in a unique manner. The building is slated for four floors, with a total building area of 322,000 sf, and include a large football stadium.

The District of Columbia is pursuing LEED Platinum as well as a Net Zero Energy Building.




DC Government
Department of General Services

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) + Net Zero Study

Washington, DC

DC Government, Department of General Services | Combined Heat and Power
(CHP) + Net Zero Study | Washington, DC

SETTY is investigating the feasibility of using an innovative combined heat and power (CHP) plant to serve four schools located in the District's new Southeast Eco-District. Because CHP plants effectively recover waste heat from the production of electric power, overall power plant efficiency is improved and the goal of NZE becomes more attainable.

Additionally, by using a biomass-powered fuel cell as the CHP's prime mover, on-site generation of renewable energy-a central tenant of NZE building design-is achieved. In the end, SETTY's proposed design not only realizes NZE, but it is projected to save the District over $300k per year in utility costs.

Urban Green Net Zero Home

MEP Design + Construction Administration

MT. Rainier, MD

Urban Green Net Zero Home | MEP Design + Construction Administration | 
MT. Rainier, MD

SETTY is providing MEP Design and Construction Administration services for the construction of a NZE demonstration home in Prince George's County, Maryland.  By combining renewable energies-a photovoltaic array and solar water heating-with intelligent lighting and HVAC controls into the home design, this Urban Green-led project aims to show that NZE is a realistic option for low-income suburban residents.  In both projects, SETTY's knowledgeable engineers are leveraging their expertise in high performing building practices to both serve our clients and advance state-of-the-art building technologies.

Federal Office Complex (FOC)

HQ Compound

Feasibility Study for Energy & Water Conservation

Undisclosed Location

Federal Office Complex (FOC), Headquarters Compound | Feasibility Study for 
Energy and Water Conservation + Retro-Commissioning | Undisclosed Location

Setty performed Central Plant Utilities Analysis and Review, providing in-depth surveys and preparation of Construction Documents for the installation and monitoring of sub-meters by the existing Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA). The survey included the analysis of maintaining software controls and hardware capability for future integration into other systems.

Specifications included requirements for a Dashboard with the following features:

  • Overview of menu selection screen which allows user to select any power meter of interest.
  • Menu selection ability to include pre-existing power meters under the SCADA system.
  • User capability to specify the date range for historical data trending, from current date to a five years prior.
  • Screen format to fit the physical dimension of the LCD.
  • Capability to print report.