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GSA: Alcohol Tobacco Fire-Arms and Explosives (ATF)

Building HVAC Performance Study

Washington, DC

GSA: Alcohol Tobacco Fire-Arms and Explosives (ATF) | Building HVAC
Performance Study | Washington, DC

Setty diagnosed HVAC operations, and proposed measures that will correct temperature control and air distribution problems within the ATF Headquarters building.

An award winning design (by Moshe Sofdie & Associates) that is only a few years old, effective space temperature control has been a prominent issue, and the building far exceeds its designed energy-use target. Additionally, the HVAC system, an Under-Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) system, is integrating the poorly sealed architectural system, further complicating the issue.

Scope of services include:

  • HVAC Systems Assessment, including UFAD, loads, capacities, and operations.
  • Security screenings and tours of the MEP space.
  • Security of Documents, tracked, returned or destroyed per GSA.
  • Site investigation of HVAC Systems, electrical service equipment (conditions, capacities, operations).
  • Interviews with Facility Manager, Contract Operator, Occupant Representatives.
  • Alignment of Building Operations, Zoning, and Control Strategies.
  • Thermal loads for major spaces and their alignment with zoning and capacities.
  • Addressing HVAC performance with regards to pending HVAC related R&A projects, and previous study findings.
  • Preparation of Uniformat Level 3 Estimate for each modification package.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Facilities Assessment Study

Gaithersburg, MD

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) | Facilities Assessment Study |
Gaithersburg, MD

Setty performed a Facility Assessment related to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for the FDA leased portion of the Tech Center. We studied the occupancy requirements of FDA-CDRHTV Studio, and its associated support spaces, and generated a report assessing the general condition of the building systems, identifying deficiencies, and recommending the most cost-effective repair/replacement strategies.

Scope of services included:

  • Field Survey
  • Test and Balance Report
  • Infrared Themography
  • Study of Executive Order 13123 and Presidential Memorandum
  • Review of NIH Design Policy and Guideline Leased Facility Waiver Checklist

DC Government IDIQ Contract

Condition Assessment Reports

Washington, DC

DC Government IDIQ Contract | Condition Assessment Reports | Washington, DC

Setty provided Facility Assessment Reports for the following 15 District of Columbia Buildings:

  • First District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Second District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Third District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Fourth District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Sixth District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • Seventh District Police Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • SOD Headquarters (Special Operations), Washington, DC
  • Police and Fire Harbor Unit, Washington, DC
  • SOD Traffic Branch, Washington, DC
  • First District Substation, Washington, DC
  • Sixth District Substation, Washington, DC
  • Police Training Academy, Washington, DC
  • Municipal Center, Washington, DC
  • DC Armory Building, Washington, DC

Washington Highlands Library 

Facility Condition Assessment

+ New Building Design

Washington, DC

Washington Highlands Library | Facility Condition Assessment + New Bldg Design |
Washington, DC

Setty performed a thorough architectural condition assessment, MEP assessment, and code review of the 17,120 gsf library. We conducted a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) on the building systems, including roofing, piping, HVAC, electrical, fire protection, architectural and structural systems. All systems were monitored, and ADA compliance was addressed in a report. The code violations, building recommendations and upgrade costs were submitted to DC Public Libraries, and the costs were run through life-cycle costing. The results concluded that the library was best served by being demolished and a new library built to modern standards.

Setty's work contined on to the new building design, and as part of teh A/E team, performed design and related services, including drawings and specifications for new construction of The Washington Highland Library. This brand new 23,168 sf library is a showcase of integrated design and advanced thermal comfort systems, anticipated to receive a LEED Silver rating, and boasts the latest technologically advanced heating and cooling systems and variable refrigerant flow. Additional LEED strategies incorporated include daylight harvesting, high-performance glazing, envelope light fins/shelves, green roofs, T-5 lighting, advanced-lighting controls, high-efficiency heat pumps, demand-control ventilation, heat-recovery wheels, dedicated outside air system that modulates based on occupancy, and sustainable materials.

Scope of services included:

  • Support program analysis for HVAC zones, normal and off-hour zones.
  • Considerations for ground source heat pump.
  • Code compliant plumbing systems.
  • Fire protection (wet pipe sprinkler system, smoke detection, interfaced to BAS).
  • Energy-efficient electrical power and lighting system design.
  • Energy-efficient mechanical (HVAC) design enabling zone isolation (Non-Use Shut-Down)

Visitation Academy

Building Condition Assessment

Frederick, MD

Visitation Academy | Building Condition Assessment | Frederick, MD

DC Housing Authority
Oak Hill Youth Center

Condition Assessments 

Laurel, MD

DC Housing Authority, Oak Hill Youth Center | Condition Assessments | Laurel, MD

Setty provided Physical Needs Assessment for 14 Buildings:

  • A Comprehensive Project Survey Report was prepared for Oak Hill Youth Center, in Laurel MD, for the District of Columbia Government, Youth Services Administration. In preparing this comprehensive report, an inspection of all the buildings within the boundaries of the Oak Hill Youth Center was conducted by the Setty Team.

GSA, Blair House

Building Evaluation Report

Washington, DC

GSA, Blair House | Building Evaluation Report | Washington, DC

GSA, Kenneth B. Keating Fed Bldg

Retro Commissioning

+ Condition Assessment 

Rochester, NY

GSA, Kenneth B. Keating Fed Bldg | Retro Commissioning + Condition Assessment |
Rochester, NY

Federal Reserve Board Eccles Building 

Facility Condition Assessment 

Washington, DC

Federal Reserve Board Eccles Building | Facility Condition Assessment |
Washington, DC

The Eccles building is approximately 291,700 gsf in size, including five floors, the concourse level, and the sub-basement level. Setty was contracted by the Federal Reserve Board to conduct a Facility Condition Assessment of the building and its support systems.

Setty’s scope of work included the following:

  • On-site Building Inspection
    • Inspection of the Building's Architectural, Structural, Roofing, Piping, HVAC, Fire Protection and Electrical Systems
    • Inspection of the Building's Exterior Systems (Walls, Windows, Roofing, Doors, Etc.) and Interior Systems (Walls, Doors, Flooring, Visible Structures, HVAC Systems, Exhaust Systems, Electrical and Electrical Distribution Systems, Plumbing Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Special Construction Systems, and Vertical Transport Systems)
    • Inspection of all Electrical Panels, Including, But not Limited to, Inspection With an Infrared Gun to Detect Hot Spots
  • A Final Building Evaluation Report Containing an Assessment of Building Systems, A Replacement Cycle for Building Renovation Decisions, and a Detailed Component Replacement Analysis Based On Component Condition
  • A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Comparing Current Maintenance Costs With The Costs of Replacing Select Components and Systems, And Predicting Facility Component Life Expirations Using Statistical Guidelines and Nationally Recognized Cost Data
  • An Assessment Of Existing Components And Systems For Compliance With The Following Codes: The Architectural Barriers Act Of 1968 (As Amended), The Energy Policy Act Of 1992 (As Amended), and the National Fire Protection Association 101 Life Safety Code