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NYC DDC + NYCEP Build It Back

Hurricane Sandy Residential

Community Recovery Task Orders

Brooklyn, NY

NYC DDC + NYCEP Build It Back | Hurricane Sandy Residential Community Recovery Task Orders | Brooklyn, NY

Setty has been awarded numerous task orders as a sub to Perez Architecture to provide MEP/FP services for the restoration of various residential sites in the recovery of the community that was hit by Hurricane Sandy. Below are the task orders for which Setty is providing MEP services:

  • Lisker Reconstruction Pathway
  • Lisker Sprinkler
  • Theodos Sprinkler
  • Demello Sprinkler
  • Beck ELEV Pathwy
  • Hogan ELEV Pathwy
  • Gonzalez ELEV Pathwy
  • Demello Detached Elev
  • Krumm Detached Elev
  • Hogan Sprinkler Plan
  • Delduca Elev Path
  • Delduca Sprinkler

NPS, Hains Point

Mitigate Flood Risk NPS HQ D-1 

Washington, DC

NPS, Hains Point | Mitigate Flood Risk NPS HQ D-1 | Washington, DC

Setty was contracted to provide the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering services for the new police station of the United States Park Police (USPP) at the site of the National Capital Region Office (NCRO) Headquarters at Hains Point.  Setty provided Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents to Mitigate Flooding Risk at for the USPP D1 substation on the NCRO campus. As part of the contract, Setty provided life cycle energy cost analysis of the HVAC systems. The new USPP D1 substation is approximately 12,200 gsf. The program for the new building was previously established during the pre-design portion of this project.

GSA, Federal Triangle Buildings

and HOTD Tunnels

Emergency Flood Mitigation

and Prevention

Washington, DC

GSA, Federal Triangle Buildings and HOTD Tunnels | Emergency Flood Mitigation and Prevention | Washington, DC

On June 25, 2006, a record rainfall caused heavy flooding in multiple federal buildings and tunnels located in the National Capital Region - Federal Triangle. Primarily the IRS and Department of Justice buildings suffered the greatest water infiltration.

Setty staff reviewed the operations of DC's storm and sanitary sewer system, and provided study services including cost estimates and engineering consultant services for the investigation of the Federal Triangle Flood of June 2006.  Setty also represented GSA at meetings to determine the cause for the rapid rise and recession of floodwater, and to evaluate alternative flood mitigation options.  Setty coordinated with WASA officials about the impact of floods on their pumping system. Other services include:

  • Study and cost estimates for alternatives for multi-stage ground water pumping systems with emergency power, berms/barriers, moat wall extensions, window well watertight coverings, improved storm/blast windows, flood gates and removable barriers, and recommendations to move all the HVAC/electrical equipment to other areas.
  • HVAC system calculations for replacement/renovation.
  • Electrical demand calculations for replacement/renovation.
  • Cost estimates with options and schedules for alternative system designs


Emergency Family Shelter 50 Units

Emergency Generators

Washington, DC

DC DGS, Emergency Family Shelter 50 Units | Emergency Generators | Washington, DC

Setty is providing MEP/FP design-build services for a new multi-story building as an Emergency Family Shelter of approximately 25,000 – 40,000 sf to house 50+/- units. Each unit will be 300-450 sf. This facility includes dormitory style (gang) bathroom accommodations along with purposefully located family bathrooms with tubs, a kitchen and dining area and general community recreation space. Proposed design includes all HVAC & 400KW, 208/120V, 3 phase, 4 wire rated Generators. Oil fired generator design included 10,000 tank design along necessary controls. Code minimum ventilation design is included. LEED Gold Certification is anticipated.

GSA, Markey National Courts Building

375 KVA Back-Up Power Generator Study and Design

Washington, DC

GSA, Markey National Courts Building | 375 KVA Back-Up Power Generator Study and Design | Washington, DC

GSA-ROB DC Service Center (WPMD) issued a task order to Setty to conduct this study for a new Back-up Power generator for the IT Server Room equipment and associated miscellaneous power and HVAC units for the National Court Building located at 717 Madison Place, NW, Washington, DC.

An extensive site survey was performed over a number of days to evaluate the exact power requirements for the existing IT equipment and loads that will be transferred from the existing normal power source panels to the new power panels, which will be fed from the new back-up generator. Considering that the majority of the work included IT equipment and HVAC units located on the 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th floors, the electrical panels on those floors were primarily surveyed and evaluated and are included in this study.

A new generator of proper rating, calculated for the existing loads associated with the IT Server Room equipment and its associated miscellaneous power and HVAC units was designed. Based on the load requirements, calculations and, using generator vendor’s software program, it was determined that a 300 KW/375 KVA back-up generator is needed to support the IT Server Room loads. The new generator was provided with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with a maintenance bypass switch, and optional load bank and Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) with remote control capabilities. Considering that the generator was located on the roof, it was designed to be housed in a completely weatherproof and stormproof enclosure.

Fairfax County Old Jail

Condition Assessments

Fairfax, VA

Fairfax County Old Jail | Condition Assessments | Fairfax, VA

Setty conducted a limited structural investigation, review, and assessment of the condition of the Fairfax County “Old Jail” building, a historic building of approximately 5,800 sf presently occupied by admin staff for the Sheriff’s office after an Earthquake.

Assessment of the Old Jail building found the building structurally sound without any apparent damage.  The building is safe for continued occupancy with normal maintenance of the exterior envelope and supporting building systems.  The investigation revealed some existing defects which were recommended for specific repair, unable to be addressed by maintenance alone.  Damage to exterior brick corbelling exacerbated by movement due to the August 23, 2011 earthquake and moisture damage at the roof’s original wood ridge beam were two of the critical findings of this assessment.  These deficiencies were identified and prioritized by the Setty team, with cost estimates provided based on suggested conceptual design fixes illustrated in the report drawings.