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Wheeler Terrace Apartments

MEP Design + Geothermal System

+ Green Roofs + LEED Gold Certified

Washington, DC

Wheeler Terrace Apartments | MEP Design + Geothermal + Green Roofs + LEED |
Washington, DC

Setty provided the first geothermal system for a DC housing development, designing the new M/E/P systems for seven modules. Extending our support, we also provided LEED Gold certification administration and fundamental and enhanced commissioning services, as well. The affordable housing project boasts energy savings of 25%, which will be shared with the residents (a first in the nation).

The MEP systems are based around geothermal wells for each of the seven buildings (117 total units). Some of the LEED strategies incorporated are high-performance heat pumps, geothermal well field, green roofs, occupancy sensors, demand-control bathroom ventilation, recycled materials, a super heater for the domestic hot water, and high-efficiency lighting well below code.


DC Housing Authority

Facility Condition Assessments IDIQ

Washington, DC

DC Government IDIQ Contract | Condition Assessment Reports | Washington, DC

Circle Towers 

MEP Assessment/Design Services 

Fairfax, VA

Circle Towers | MEP Assessment/Design Services | Fairfax, VA

Setty has been contracted to conduct an assessment of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems for the Circle Towers Apartment complex located in Fairfax, Virginia.

The Circle Towers Apartment complex consists of three (3) 12-story high rise apartment buildings and 52 garden apartment townhouses.

The high rise Towers consists of the following number of apartments:

  • Tower-1: 168 total apartments
  • Tower-2: 168 total apartments
  • Tower-3: 216 total apartments

Scope includes:

  • New Fitness Center – Relocate the Existing Fitness Center Adjacent to the Pool to the Empty Retail Space Under Tower II
  • Convert Existing Fitness Center Space to Business Center/Conference Rooms
  • General Upgrade to each of the Six Elevator Lobbies
  • Update the Existing Leasing Office
  • Parking Garage Improvements
  • Clean up Exterior of Building with landscaping, Balcony Power Washing and Balcony Railing Painting as well as new Sign Package, Landscaping, and Plaza Improvements
  • Elevator Cab and Laundry Rooms Upgrade
  • Tower II Kitchen and Bath Upgrade
  • Assessment of the Maintenance Items throughout the Property, especially the MEP Systems. Determine which HVAC System will be best for the Long Term
  • Electrical Panels Solution for Long Term Solution
  • Plumbing Improvements Report


Murraygate Village Apartments
& Kingsley Park Townhouse 

Physical Needs Assessment
+ Energy/Water Audit  

Various Locations, VA

Murraygate Village Apartments & Kingsley Park Townhouse | Physical Needs Assessment + Energy/Water Audit  |  Various Locations, VA

Murraygate apartment complex, originally constructed in 1971, consists of 200 apartment units split between 7 buildings, as well as one mechanical / boiler building. The owner, the Fairfax County Department of Housing & Community Development, contracted with Setty to perform a physical needs assessment and an energy/water audit of the property.  The assessment and audit were completed in 2012.

Kingsley park townhouse complex, originally constructed in the 1940's, consists of 118 townhouses split among 14 buildings.  The owner, Fairfax County Department of Housing & Community Development, contracted with Setty to perform a physical needs assessment and an energy/water audit of the property.  The purpose of the audit, completed in 2011, was to identify and evaluate conservation measures that would result in cost effective energy and water conservation, and to evaluate green measures that would result in environmental benefits. 

Scope of services included the following:

  • Comprehensive Physical Needs Assessment, including an Analysis of Utility Usage Patterns as well as Equipment Repair and Replacement History
  • Physical Needs Assessment Report, including Recommended Repairs and Replacements, and a Suggested 20-Year Maintenance Schedule
  • Analysis of Fuel, Electricity, and Water Bills and Usage for Trend Analysis and Industry Benchmarks
  • An Assessment of Building Operations, Maintenance, and Resident Education as it Relates to Energy Conservation Principles
  • Energy and Water Audit:
    • Recommended Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), including O&M Measures, suggested Mechanical Equipment and Controls, Water Conservation Techniques, Power and Lighting Controls, Energy-Efficient Appliances, Advanced Energy Savings Technologies, Energy-Generating Technologies, and Renewable Energy Systems
    • Categorization of ECM's by Payback Period (12-years or Less, Greater than 12 and Less Than or Equal to 20-years, and More Than 20-years)
    • Identification of All Life-Cycle Costs, including Disposal Costs and Maintenance Costs