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Federal Agency

MEP design + Network Operations Ctr

+ SCIF Areas  + IDF Rooms 

Undisclosed Location

Federal Agency | MEP design + Network Operations Center + SCIF Areas
+ IDF Rooms | Undisclosed Location

Setty provided design for 156,000 sf of first generation tenant space covering six floors, including lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical power, communications, and security. We also provided MEP design services for the training rooms, reception areas, elevator lobbies, conference rooms, pantries, and break rooms.

Design of specialized space includes:

  • 25,000 sf Data Center and Network Operations Center (NOC) with 5 MW UPS system and backup generators.
  • New design for 1500 ton of N+1 Chiller Plant and in-row rack cooling system.
  • New dry-pipe preaction fire suppression system.
  • SCIF areas throughout building.
  • Upgrade of building’s electrical service from 4000 amp, 480 v/ 3ph to 10,000 amps, 480 v/3 ph.
  • Multiple Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms


GSA J. Edgar Hoover Building

FBI HQ and Field Office

Elevator Upgrades and Electrical/UPS/HVAC Upgrades

Washington, DC

GSA: J. Edgar Hoover Bldg (FBI HQ) and FBI Washington Field Office Data Center|
Elevator Upgrades and Electrical/UPS/HVAC Upgrades | Washington, DC

Setty is providing construction management services as a prime contractor for several FBI projects:

Scope of services include:

For the J. Edgar Hoover Building

  • Planning, scheduling, coordinating, management, administration of general construction services in the occupied space
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Elevator Upgrades
  • Parking Garage Structural Repair and Facade Netting
  • Replacement of 11 motor control centers
  • Building of new wire closets
  • Replacement and relocation of existing panel boards to meet current code
  • Re‑routing the HVAC and sprinkler systems around the new electrical closets.

Washington Field Office

  • Data Center-Electrical/UPS/HVAC Upgrades
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • CM Services

Additional FBI project experience includes:

  • FBI - Academy Building 5 & 16, Quantico, VA
  • FBI - Academy: Interview Rooms HAC II Bldg
  • FBI - Hazmat Storage Building
  • FBI - Renovations to Mock City Courtroom
  • FBI - Restroom Rejuvenations

Verizon, DC-4 Server Room 

Electrical/HVAC Upgrades 

Ashburn, VA

Verizon, DC-4 Server Room | Electrical/HVAC Upgrades | Ashburn, VA

Setty provided electrical and HVAC design services for 1,100 sf data center.

  • Performed code analysis and electrical, mechanical and plumbing calculations.
  • Performed electrical, mechanical and plumbing field survey of existing engineering systems.
  • Prepared electrical, mechanical and plumbing drawings with sufficient detail to meet local permit and code requirements as well as the construction of the work.
  • Responded to engineering permit comments and advised client on obtaining approval of code authorities.
  • Prepared performance specification for sprinkler design modifications as extended from the base building sprinkler system.
  • Finalized type and location of fire alarm devices as required by applicable codes, including manual pull stations, speakers, audio/visual alarms, and smoke/heat detectors.
  • Our electrical design included new branch circuitry, as required to support tenant lighting and devices, as extended from existing base building power distribution panel boards provided for tenant use.

Verizon HQ 

+ Secure Ops Ctr

Ashburn VA

Verizon HQ | MEP/FP Des +SCIF + Secure Ops Ctr | Ashburn VA

Setty is providing MEP/FP services on several of Verizon’s most significant secured physical spaces.

Our basic scope of services includes:

  • Total MEP tenant fit out and assessment of electrical system space (400,000 sf)
  • MEP programming for 35,300 sf of Executive Office Space.
  • MEP/FP renovation for a 9,500 sf computer lab space and 30,000 sf of office space as SCIF rated enclosures.
  • MEP/FP design of 30,000 sf of new office space for Verizon’s 24 hour Secure Operations Center (SOC).
  • MEP/FP design of 14,500 sf of tenant space for relocation of the Mission Critical Payroll and Support departments

GSA, Federal Facility 

Commissioning Services 

Undisclosed Location

GSA, Federal Facility | Commissioning Services | Undisclosed Location

Our client plans to house additional computing systems within the facility in the very near future. This next generation computing system will include an architecture related to Blade technologies, which have a higher power requirement and a commensurate heat load. These additional computing systems support critical mission objectives for their respective organizations and therefore require a highly reliable computer facility.

It is a Four Tier Project

  • Electrical Upgrade
  • UPS Upgrade
  • Chiller Plan Upgrade
  • Data Center Upgrade

The objective of Commissioning Agent (CxA) and Integration Agent (IntxA) is to provide documented confirmation that the facility fulfills the functional and performance requirements of our client, occupants and operators. To reach this goal, it is necessary for the commissioning and integration process to establish and document Owner's Project Requirements, which are criteria for system function, performance, and concurrent maintainability (design intent); and to also verify and document compliance with these criteria throughout construction, start-up, and the initial period of operation. In addition, complete operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, Commissioning and Integration Reports, as well as training on system operation, shall be provided to the building operators to ensure the building and space continues to operate as intended.

Scope of Work Included:

  • Commissioning of Electrical, Mechanical, Critical Infrastructure, Data Center, and Emergency Power Systems
  • Master Controls Integration Authority
  • Construction Manager
  • Setty used a team of skilled engineers and project managers to act as a qualified and independent Commissioning Authority and Engineering Technical Expert representing the Owner directly.  Setty independently reviewed the Design Intent and progress and ensure that it emulated the directives of the Owners Project Requirements (OPR).  Understanding the constructability requirements and then pre-planning for them were critical to success.  Coordination of Trades, Controls, Phasing and Schedules must be fully vetted and understood early on.  The Owner depended on Setty to accomplish this in an inquisitive and non-confrontation manner, which helped the Construction Team ensure efficiency and success.

By asking difficult questions and then becoming part of the brain trust working through and providing the best possible solution to challenges, Setty was able to represent the Owners best interest while at the same time providing real and tangible value to the Design and Construction Teams along the way.  Setty's commissioning process identified scope gaps and potentially dangerous assumptions regarding equipment operation and reaction mechanisms which after identified could be remedied while time and scheduling flexibility were still to the Owner and Construction Teams advantage.  The Scope Gaps were identified during early phases and the EOR and Construction Teams were able to provide solutions with minimum pain. 


Lockheed Martin, Bldg. 182

MEP/FP Design Services 

Gaithersburg, MD

Lockheed Martin Bldg. 182 | MEP/FP Design Services | Gaithersburg, MD

Setty provided MEP/FP design services for two office spaces at Lockheed Martin’s building at Gaithersburg, MD. These two spaces included design for SCIF Areas.

Scope of work for the first office space included the following:

  • MEP/FP design for a 16,181 sf office and computer lab space.
  • Supplemental HVAC units for rooms 3H52, AEHF COMM and 3H33.
  • Compliance with Lockheed Martin design standards.
  • MEP/FP design for Program lab as a SCIF. Conference room code analysis and calculations. Coordination with AV requirements and electrical design for hook-up only.

Scope of work for the second office space included:

  • MEP/FP design for 9,500 sf space.
  • Provided specifications on drawings, code analysis and calculations, RFIs submittal reviews are hourly.
  • Mechanical design for relocation of HVAC unit as per scope.
  • Compliance with Lockheed Martin design standards

Social Security Administration 

A/E Design Engineering 


Social Security Administration | A/E Design Engineering | Nationwide

A/E Services and Project Management of 14 consultants and design engineering to provide surveys, reports, schematic designs, space planning, cost estimates, life cycle costing, M/E/P engineering, and construction documents in the following disciplines: architectural, graphic design, electrical, mechanical, structural, fire protection, IT/communications, roofing, vertical transportation, foodservice, civil, signage, landscape architecture, and other specialized engineering to the Social Security Administration (SSA).  These included upgrading of existing HVAC systems, energy management system (EMS) and DDC controls in SSA buildings nationwide.  Design of workstations and LAN system token ring IT configurations were implemented in Disability Determination Service offices (DDS) nationwide to integrate / standardize equipment fit-outs and comply with SSA requirements.  Space modifications and efficiency in layouts and systems support was a major part of most design task orders.  Critical facilities HVAC and emergency power / standby electrical systems, UPS and generator support, as well as security and life safety provisions were part of the scope of work of the SSA task orders in this five year SSA IDIQ contract.

GSA, National Aeronautics
& Space Administration (NASA)
Piedmont Wells Reit

A/E Design Services

Washington, DC

GSA, National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), Piedmont Wells Reit |
A/E Design Services | Washington, DC

Setty is providing A/E design services for 661,000 sf of tenant improvement, voice / data / IT, capital, furniture restoration, and relocation projects at 300 E Street, SW (597,000 sf), and at 1201 and 1225 Eye Street, NW (64,000 sf), with an estimated project value of $35,000,000.

  • Anticipated capital projects include a green roof, building lobby / restroom / elevator lobby renovations, shatter resistant window protection, and HVAC air distribution modifications.
  • Tenant improvement work is anticipated to include modifications to existing floor layouts, new finishes, light fixtures / controls, and building directory / signage.
  • Piedmont is required to move the current occupants between their existing space and the proposed swing spaces.
  • LEED Commercial Interiors (CI) and LEED Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) will be incorporated.