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Jefferson Hotel

Commissioning Services

Washington DC

Jefferson Hotel | Commissioning Services | Washington DC

Setty provided mechanical system commissioning for this 180,000 sf facility.

Our basic scope of services included:

  • Commissioning and review of mechanical systems on the first and basement floors.
  • Commissioning and review of 10% of the 100 guest rooms on various floors.
  • Review of the MEP contract documents for clarity and completeness for the systems being commissioned.
  • Commissioning Review of the qualified equipment installed in accordance with Owner Program Requirements (OPR), the design intent, and the contract documents.
  • Administration of a Functional Performance Test (FPT) to demonstrate that mechanical systems are performing in accordance with the OPR and the design intent.
  • Conduct commissioning meetings to discuss commissioning progress, schedule functional tests, and establish deadlines.
  • Provided confirmation and documentation of the Owner’s personal training, provided by the manufacturers
  • Review of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals submittals concurrently with the engineer of record.
  • Developed the initial commissioning plan.
  • Finalized the commissioning report.

MGM National Harbor 

Energy Modeling Services

Prince Georges County, MD

MGM National Harbor | Energy Modeling Services | Prince Georges County, MD

The land developed for National Harbor was previously Salubria Plantation, built in 1827 by Dr John H. Bayne. The plantation house burned down in 1981 and was offered for sale along with the surrounding land. The land was sold in 1984 and in 1994 was rezoned for mixed-use development. National Harbor is a census-designated place along the Potomac River in Prince George's County, Maryland just south of Washington, D.C. near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

The most anticipated development project in Prince George’s County will see the garage going up first, followed by the main entertainment area, which will have a glass-ceiling conservatory, outdoor terrace and 21-story, 300-room hotel tower. Setty provided energy modeling services for the MGM building and garage. Setty’s scope includes LEED Credits EAp2 and EAc1.