Featured Projects

DCPS, Congress Heights School


Washington, DC

DCPS, Congress Heights School, Redevelopment | MEP/FP
+ Building Automation System | Washington, DC

Setty employed two large boilers tied into an evaporative cooler, to circulate heat around the building (prior to engaging the dual-fuel boilers), in this three-story, 75,000 sf historic renovation in Southeast DC.

Scope of services include:

  • MEP/FP design for redevelopment and historic preservation of the building, while introducing state-of-the-art operating systems.
  • Renovation of gym and warming kitchen.
  • Incorporation of additional daylighting into each classroom.
  • Integration of Building Automation System.
  • Desiged to LEED Silver Certification.

Old Post Office

Design-Build AHU Replacement

+ Chiller Replacement

Washington, DC

Old Post Office | Design Build AHU Replacement + Chiller Replacement | 
Washington, DC

Setty renovated the HVAC systems in this occupied 750,000 sf historic building, consisting of office space and a food court with a 12-story atrium, generally used for concerts and other functions. A detailed and collaborative work plan, enabled phased work to be completed on weekends, so systems were up and running for full occupancy on Monday.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Post Office (OPO) is slated as the permanent home for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Scope of services included:

  • Replacement of the building’s four main HVAC air handling units (AHU) and the food court chiller.
  • Furnished and installed two new quadrant Variable Air Volume (VAV) AHU components.
  • Sized new AHUs consistent with design needs and occupancy expectations.
  • Furnished and installed heating coils for tempering of the makeup air, adding them to all four AHUs.
  • Replaced the dampers, motors, and actuators on air handlers, outside air, return air, and relief air dampers.
  • Furnished and installed new controls system for AHUs. Connected controls from all four AHUs to the existing EMS on the second floor. Tested and adjusted new controls system to ensure compatibility and functionality with existing EMS.
  • Provided electrical support services for the provision of the temporary fresh air supply.
  • Provided Variable Frequence Drives (VFD) for new motors.
  • Design-build services for the replacement of food court chiller.
  • Compliance of Historic Preservation and Protection requirements.

DC Department of Parks and Recreation
Guy Mason Recreation Center 

MEP/FP Design Services 

Washington, DC

DC Department of Parks and Recreation, Guy Mason Recreation Center |
MEP/FP Design Services | Washington, DC

The Guy Mason Recreation Center was a historic facility in need of major renovations.  This project was a complete renovation of the existing recreation center.  The renovated center improved safety in and around the Center and responded to the needs of both the staff and the community. This redevelopment was also responsive to existing Department of Parks & Recreation’s (DPR) design standards, and the culture of the surrounding community.

Scope of Services Included:

  • MEP/FP design services to design and develop Guy Mason Recreation Center as a historic recreation center facility that is visually appealing and that accommodates the program needs as outlined in the program requirements.
  • LEED certification design.
  • Design with a superior level of aesthetic quality, with special emphasis given to the exterior and public spaces, and in a manner that coordinates with other surrounding neighborhoods and conforms to the overall theme of a new and modern design that meets all municipal planning / zoning and other agency regulations / requirements.
  • Coordinating design efforts with the Historical Preservation Review Board (HPRB).
  • Energy modeling.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center 

Design-Build Services + DDC 

Washington, DC

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Walter Reed Army Medical Center |
Design-Build Services + DDC | Washington, DC

Setty's Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection team members provided various design-build services for the four buildings at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Scope of services included:

Fitness Center

  • Conversion of HVAC controls to DDC (digital), interfacing with a central system for central control, monitoring, and energy conservation.
  • Replacement of hot water heat exchanger.
  • Provided new design for HVAC distribution ductwork and air diffusers.

Patient Care Garage

  • Replacement of electric panels and distribution system.
  • Replacement of garage exhaust system.
  • Replacement of drain water ejection pumps.

Rumbaugh Garage

  • Integrated electrical work as needed to implement mechanical and plumbing design.
  • Installed additional emergency lights and exit lights to meet code specifications.
  • Installed emergency telephone system.
  • Replacement of fire alarm system to comply with code.


  • Provided new DDC controls for HVAC system.
  • Replacement of two exterior condensing units.
  • Provided new steam heating pipes at AHU.
  • Replacement of electrical service equipment and associated panel boards, conduit, and wiring.


FDA, Beltsville Research Facility 

Lab Renovation + Addition
+ BSL-3 Suite Recertification 

Beltsville, MD

FDA: Beltsville Research Facility | Lab Renovation + Addition
+ BSL-3 Suite Recertification | Beltsville, MD

Setty completed the concept study and detailed cost estimate for the 4,000 sf addition for a vivarium, and expanded lab and office space at BRF.

The project required significant upgrades to the existing building systems (10,000 sf), as well as internal modifications to support the Core Imaging as a shared resource for several business units at the FDA. Several existing BSL-3 laboratories exhaust systems were also decommissioned and re-configured for use in new laboratory spaces.The project was fast tracked to meet FDA’s budget cycle.

DC Public School
Stoddert Elementary School 

MEP Design + Geothermal 

Washington, DC

DC Public School, Stoddert Elementary School | MEP Design + Geothermal |
Washington, DC

Setty provided MEP and Geothermal Design for this modernization project, awarded LEED Gold certification. Due to the historic significance of the existing building, Stoddert was slated for modernization and an addition, doubling its size on the 6.5 acre site.

Scope of services included:

  • Preparation of a feasibility study and concept design.
  • Schematic MEP design with BIM integration.
  • Geothermal design for a 150 ton geothermal system.
  • Preparation of complete detailed and coordinated Construction Documents.
  • Construction Administration and Construction Management services.
  • LEED workshops with design team, and DC Public Schools (DCPS) and OPEFM representatives to identify sustainable design strategies to be included in revised design.


Metropolitan Police Station
2850 NY avenue, NE 

MEP/FP Design Services

Washington, DC

Metropolitan Police Station, 2850 NY avenue, NE | MEP/FP Design Services |
Washington, DC

Setty provided professional design services for the adaptive reuse of what was the Washington Times office and newspaper printing facility.  The two story building is approximately 131,000 gsf.  This adaptive reuse build-out of office space, cubicles, male and female locker rooms and bathrooms, secure storage areas and indoor parking facilities relocated six Metropolitan Police Department units hosted in different facilities throughout the District.

Scope of Work Included:

  • MEP/FP engineering design services.
  • Reflected ceiling plans with energy code compliant lighting, power / communication plans with all equipment delineated with corresponding equipment cut sheets and schedules, details / millwork / elevations.
  • MEP/FP field survey of existing engineering systems.
  • Preparation of MEP/FP drawings with sufficient detail to meet local permit and code requirements, as well as the construction of the work.  MEP/FP drawings are not intended to describe means, methods, sequences, techniques, procedures or safety requirements of construction.
  • Responding to engineering permit comments and advising client on obtaining approval of code authorities.
  • Preparing performance specifications for sprinkler design, as extended from the base building sprinkler system.