Featured Projects

Antioch Baptist Church

MEP Design + BIM 

Fairfax Station, VA

Antioch Baptist Church | MEP Design + BIM | Fairfax Station, VA

Setty provided MEP services and BIM documents for the design of Antioch Baptist Church, at Fairfax Station.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS)
CIP-E-0021 LRH HS-09

Commissioning Services

Loudoun County, VA

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) CIP-E-0021 LRH HS-09 |
Commissioning Services | Loudoun County, VA

Setty services will comprise of commissioning during the construction phase is intended to achieve the following specific objectives according to the Contract Documents. Setty will be in charge of conducting a commissioning kickoff meeting to review the commissioning process with the Owner, Architect, and Construction Team and developing and implementing a Commissioning Plan specific to the. We will ensure the functionality of performance and efficiency, equipment documentation, compliance with design intent, sufficiency of operator training and the needed areas of improvement.  

Lynchburg Public Library

MEP/FP Design

Lynchburg, VA

Lynchburg Public Library | MEP/FP Design | Lynchburg, VA

The City of Lynchburg made efforts to modernize and re-image the interior design of its Main Library located at 2315 Memorial Avenue Lynchburg, Virginia. The Library opened at its Memorial Avenue location in 1984 and has underwent a few updates to its design since its opening. The building was formerly a Sears store before it was issued to become the City’s library. After almost 35 years, the Lynchburg Public Library has begun its process of upgrading the interior of the branch to assimilate to the 21st century aesthetic. The City of Lynchburg’s vision it to continue to make the Library a source of pride and engagement for its community while reflecting contemporary style.

In aiding the library’s steps towards modernization, SETTY is providing MEP/FP and Controls Design and Construction Administration reflective of a 21st century library. In addition, we have performed code analysis and MEP/FP and controls calculations and has worked to demolish the existing mechanical and control systems. SETTY has provided electrical power connections, performance specifications for the sprinkler system, and coordination of power and conduct provisions alongside architectural, civil and structural disciplines for MEP/FP and Controls design.

Village Center 

MEP/FP Building Design 

Arlington, VA

Village Center | MEP/FP Building Design | Arlington, VA

Setty’s scope of services include MEP/FP building design for new mixed use project of approximately 378,000 gsf of residential area, 77,900 gsf of commercial retail, 20,000 sf of urban plaza and 244,200 gsf of parking space. The project consists of 360 units, grocery store and inline retail.

Fire alarm and fire suppression design for garage is included in the scope of work.

Verizon Headquarters

MEP/FP Design + SCIF

+ Secure Ops Ctr 

Ashburn, VA

Verizon Headquarters | MEP/FP Design + SCIF + Secure Ops Ctr | Ashburn, VA

Setty is providing MEP/FP services on several of Verizon’s most significant secured physical spaces.

Our basic scope of services includes:

  • Total MEP tenant fit out and assessment of electrical system space (400,000 sf)
  • MEP programming for 35,300 sf of Executive Office Space.
  • MEP/FP renovation for a 9,500 sf computer lab space and 30,000 sf of office space as SCIF rated enclosures.
  • MEP/FP design of 30,000 sf of new office space for Verizon’s 24 hour Secure Operations Center (SOC).
  • MEP/FP design of 14,500 sf of tenant space for relocation of the Mission Critical Payroll and Support departments

Loudoun County Public Schools

High School #6 Building 

Commissioning Services

Ashburn, VA

Loudoun County Public Schools, High School #6 Bldg | Commissioning Services | 
Ashburn, VA

Setty was selected by Loudoun County Public Schools to provide commissioning services for the 280,000 sf High School.

Scope of services included:

  • Preparation of a Commissioning Plan & Specifications.
  • Incorporation of the Commissioning Requirements into the Construction.
  • Integration of the Design Intent, Sequences of Operation, Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Procedures and Pre-Functional and Functional Checklists for Each Building System in the Construction/Contract Documents.
  • Development of Specific Functional Performance Test Procedures.
  • Completion of a Detailed Commissioning Report to satisfy the LEED Requirements for the Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning Prerequisite.
  • Review of Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) Execution Plan.
  • Analyzation of any Functional Performance Trend Logs and Monitoring Data to Verify Performance
  • Review and Approve of the Preparation of the O&M Manuals.
  • Preparation of a Final Commissioning Report to confirm that all of the CA Contract Requirements have been satisfied.


City of Alexandria William Truesdale Adult Detention Ctr

Recommendations for AHUs

+ Heat Recovery + Hot Water Piping

Alexandria, VA

City of Alexandria William Truesdale Adult Detention Center |
Recommendations for AHUs + Total Heat Recovery Systems + Hot Water Piping |
Alexandria, VA

Setty provided engineering analysis of the detention center’s HVAC systems and developed recommendations based on building code requirements, good industry practice, and established engineering design parameters. We also provided recommendations for AHUs, total heat recovery systems, and maximum efficiency HVAC performance.

Setty was then contracted to provide MEP design services.

Scope of services included:

  • Development of base building drawings
  • Code analysis and calculations
  • General zone heating and cooling calculations to verify equipment sizing
  • Specification of air testing, adjusting, and balancing
  • Electrical design
  • Ductwork modifications
  • Control system points and programming for the new equipment.
  • New automatic temperature and relative humidity controls for HRWs and AHUs. Programs and logic required for the sequences of Controllers and associated programs operate completely independently, and also are connected to and interoperates with the existing building automation system (BAS) using BACnet protocol or an open-source non-proprietary DDC protocol appropriate for the existing systems.
  • Replace Heat Recovery Wheels (HRW) with air bypasses. Provide new HRW control concepts to save energy and give improved air temperature and relative humidity control.
  • Provide MERV eight pre-filters and MERV 13 final filters at the intakes to HRWs and between mixed air plenum and coils of AHUs.
  • Include differential pressure sensors across all heat recovery wheel and both air filter sets are recommended for scheduling service and monitoring for correct air flow operation.
  • Provide 16 additional space temperature sensors for information collection. Currently, the BAS does not provide for tracking space temperatures conditions.
  • Install three new AHUs serving the Fourth Floor East and Fourth Floor Mezzanine areas from the Penthouse Mechanical Room.

University of VA Recreation Center

MEP/FP Design + Aquatics Facility

+ Central Plant 

Charlottesville, VA

University Of Virginia, North Grounds Recreation Center | MEP/FP Design 
+ Aquatics Facility Design + Central Plant | Charlottesville, VA

Bottega Veneta at Tysons Galleria

MEP Design

McLean, VA

Bottega Veneta at Tysons Galleria | MEP Design | McLean, VA

Washington International Airport

Expansion of International Arrivals Building

Dulles, VA

Washington International Airport | Expansion of International Arrivals Building | 
Dulles, VA

Setty provided an MEP Report outlining potential impacts of the revised phasing for cost estimating purposes, for the Project Definition Document (PDD) for the expansion of the International Arrivals Building.

New construction included:

  • Tug access for additional Inbound Baggage Make-up Area
  • Mobile Lounge Docking Area
  • Sterile Corridor Access to the IAB
  • Office Area for Customs and Border Protection
  • 25 New Immigration Inspection Booths and Associated Passenger Queuing and Amenity Areas
  • Six New Inbound Piers and Associated Tug Circulation Area
  • Excavated, Unfinished and Inaccessible Area
  • Three New Baggage Claim Devices
  • VIP Processing Area
  • Interior Garage Access Corridor