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SUNY Cobleskill Facility
Complex Design

MEP Design + Energy Modeling

Cobleskill, NY

SUNY Cobleskill Facility Complex Design | MEP Design + Energy Modeling |
Cobleskill, NY

The State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill was founded in 1911 in the rural city of Cobleskill, NY. SUNY Cobleskill has earned its recognition since its founding for its rich academic tradition and service to its community. The college offers its students intimate class settings, hands-on learning experiences, diverse study abroad programs, and numerous extracurricular activities. To continue to house these opportunities for its students, SUNY Cobleskill aims to design a facility complex for the campus.

In the SUNY Cobleskill Facility Complex Design, Setty’s services will include MEP design, Energy Modeling, Construction Administration and Condition Assessment for a facilities complex of approximately 25,568 sf. Code analysis and MEP calculations will be provided by SETTY in addition to ensuring that the design facility is low safety risk through extensive surveying.

SUNY Old Westbury Natural
Sciences Building Addition &

MEP/FP Design

New York, NY

SUNY Old Westbury Natural Sciences Building Addition & Rehabilitation |
MEP/FP Design | New York, NY

The Natural Sciences Building has 69,386 gsf (40,471 nasf), and was constructed in 1985 with two (2) stories above grade and a basement. This building serves as the primary academic facility for the sciences and also houses the STEP/CSTEP program and the SUNY Neuroscience Research Institute. Most of the building components are approaching the end of their useful lives and are in need of rehabilitation.

Setty is providing MEP/FP design services and construction administration services for an Addition and Full Rehab of the Natural Science Building at SUNY Old Westbury.  As part of these services, and as per Fund's Directives, the Consultant shall provide an analysis of the overall project execution for the construction of the addition and renovation of the existing building. This project will achieve the modernization of the facility which includes classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, and faculty offices for Biological Sciences, Chemistry/Physics, and Public Health.

NYC Department of Health &

Mental Hygiene

Public Health Laboratory

Space Needs Study

New York, NY

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Public Health Laboratory |
Space Needs Study | New York, NY

Established in 1892, the Public Health Laboratory was the world's first Municipal Bacteriological Laboratory. In the century since its first campaign, to control diphtheria in New York City, the bureau has expanded to provide a wide variety of clinical and environmental laboratory testing services. Today’s Public Health Laboratory performs testing on more than 200,000 specimens it receives annually, for everything from anthrax, HIV, rabies and Zika to food-borne illnesses, along with processing other tests conducted at the city’s public hospitals and sexual-health clinics. The feasibility study project for the new 9-story building for the New York City Public Health Laboratory system is to be located at 137th Street between 5th Avenue and Lenox Avenue in Harlem, Manhattan and contains approximately 230,000 sf.

Alongside Perkins Eastman, Setty provided a space needs study that includes the new facilities’ functional Space Program Requirements, a set of Conceptual Design plans and a Project Cost Estimate that will become the basis for moving forward with the new PHL building. Setty developed Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems and refined with DOH & PHL plant operations and facilities personnel input. These narratives were used to inform the construction budget that was developed for this study. The space types covered in this study included BSL-3 Laboratories, Chemical and cold room storage, specimen intake, processing lab, conference rooms, community clinics, auditorium, training lab, support facilities, & office work stations.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Replace Primary Electrical Distribution Phase 1

Northport, NY

Department of Veterans Affairs | Replace Primary Electrical Distribution Phase 1 | Northport, NY

Honoring America’s Veterans with quality health care services, the Northport Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center is part of the largest integrated health care system in the nation. VHA operates one of the largest health care systems in the world and provides training for a majority of America’s medical, nursing, and allied health professionals.

The Northport VA Medical Center in particular serves veterans from the Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island and the surrounding 5 boroughs of New York. Northport is a 502-bed teaching hospital that serves about 18,000 patients per year. Doctors there perform 633 inpatient and 1,822 outpatient surgeries a year. The 100-acre campus supports over 65 buildings.

Setty is providing project management and professional design services to replace the primary electrical distribution system for the entire Northport VA Medical Center Campus.

The Project includes the design and construction of a new main sub-station near the existing main sub-station to house the new primary service switchgear. The Setty team will also design and oversee the extension of a new concrete encased duct bank from the new switchgear to the existing switchgear, as well as at two other switchgear located elsewhere on campus.

Scope of Services Include:

  • Project Management and coordination of the design efforts of the site development, architectural, structural, HVAC, electrical, critical path method, and cost estimating disciplines
  • Coordinating incoming service related work with the local utility companies
  • Review of Arc Flash Studies
  • Comprehensive survey of the existing fire protection system capacities and its reconfiguration in the specified area of interest
  • Determining the construction schedule and phasing of the project

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) 

HVAC Equipment Upgrades 

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) | HVAC Equipment Upgrades | Brooklyn, NY





HVAC Commissioning Services

Long Island City, NY

UOVO | HVAC Commissioning Services | Long Island City, NY

As part of the UOVO 41-54 22nd Street Art Storage Facility Project, Setty was contracted to provide partial Mechanical Systems Commissioning services to Art Deluxe for this climate controlled building in, Queens, NY. The purpose of the commissioning was to ensure the smooth progression of the construction project, and the proper completion and testing of the mechanical systems.

The facility is an art storage space for private individuals and institutions, such as museums. This type of storage requires a conditioning and control strategy with a high degree of precision and redundancy in order to prevent temperature or humidity swings that could result in damage to the art. The facility is six stories, and Setty is responsible for commissioning the controls system, rooftop outdoor air system, and a sample of the heating and cooling equipment in the spaces. Mechanical equipment includes gas and electric humidity generators, direct expansion cooling, and gas and electric heating.

Setty is providing commissioning services for the mechanical systems and controls, including helping to design robust sequences of operations, and to train facilities personnel to conduct functional performance testing on future projects with similar equipment. The commissioning project will provide UOVO with turned-over systems that are high performing and reliable, maximizing their value and sharing the expertise to bring future projects to completion just as successfully.

DASNY, NYC College of Technology

Namm Hall

Atrium Lighting Assessment

Brooklyn, NY

DASNY, NYC College of Technology, Namm Hall | Atrium Lighting Assessment | 
Brooklyn, NY

GSA:White Plains Courthouse


White Plains, NY

GSA:White Plains Courthouse | Retro-Commissioning | White Plains, NY

Setty provided engineering and commissioning services to conduct retro-commissioning planning, scoping, testing, investigation, evaluation, analysis, calculations and modeling, recommendations, and report writing services for this courthouse. The scope of work was focused on building systems affecting energy use, including shell infiltration and heat loss. The mechanical building systems included: central plant, chillers, cooling towers, air conditioning units, boilers, primary and secondary pumping systems, air handling units, terminal or variable air volume (VAV) boxes, motors, steam traps, dampers, pumps, air ducts, lighting, and building automation / control systems including system programming / sequence of operations, drives, sensors, and lighting controls.


State University Construction Fund

Replace AHUs Campus Center

Old Westbury, New York

State University Construction Fund | Replace AHUs Campus Center |
Old Westbury, New York

SETTY is currently providing professional engineering services to the SUNY State University Construction Fund for the replacement of major mechanical and electrical equipment within the F Wing of the Campus Center at State University College at Old Westbury. The $4.5 million engineering systems maintenance program is part of an overall facilities upgrade including envelope and roof replacements. The Campus Center is comprised of two buildings, constructed in the 1970’s, each having 4 wings that are all connected together. Disparate mechanical systems serve the various facilities and many of the components are in fair to poor condition, and due to their age, are inherently inefficient. An additional design challenge for this replacement program, is to maintain throughout the construction period, continuity of operations of the classrooms, offices, Visual Arts Department, Student Health Center and other student services type spaces.

Replacement of the following systems/equipment is anticipated:


  • Air Handling Units
  • Chilled Water and Hot Water coils
  • Isolation Valves
  • DDC Dampers
  • DDC Controls
  • Return air fans
  • Electric reheat coils
  • Distribution ductwork
  • Toilet Exhaust Fans with Direct Drive
  • Kitchen Ventilation (H wing)
  • Clean all ductwork


  • Electric Hot Water Heaters
  • Duplex Sump Pumps


  • Electric Panels

New York Power Authority:


ASHRAE Level 1

Building Energy Audits 

Yonkers, NY

New York Power Authority, Yonkers | ASHRAE Level 1 Building Energy Audits |
Yonkers, NY

GSA: Federal Acquisition Services Workplace Realignment & Sustainable Renovation Project

Construction Management

+ Commissioning Services

New York, NY

GSA: Federal Acquisition Services Workplace Realignment & Sustainable 
Renovation Project
 | Construction Management + Commissioning Services | 
New York, NY

Setty provided Commissioning and Construction Management Services to ensure all systems are well designed, complete and functioning properly in the sustainable renovation of the new 34,125 sf workplace for Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). The multi-floor phased project achieved a LEED Gold certification.

We also provided construction and project management, from design to construction, including construction planning, coordination of trades, design reviews, quality control, estimating, shop drawings, completion and submission of as-builts, and scheduling services.



Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Building Automation Control

Ossining, NY

NY OGS, Sing Sing Correctional Facility | Building Automation Control | Ossining, NY