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Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Building Automation Control

Ossining, NY

NY OGS, Sing Sing Correctional Facility | Building Automation Control | Ossining, NY

GSA: Federal Acquisition Services Workplace Realignment & Sustainable Renovation Project

Construction Management

+ Commissioning Services

New York, NY

GSA: Federal Acquisition Services Workplace Realignment & Sustainable 
Renovation Project
 | Construction Management + Commissioning Services | 
New York, NY

Setty provided Commissioning and Construction Management Services to ensure all systems are well designed, complete and functioning properly in the sustainable renovation of the new 34,125 sf workplace for Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). The multi-floor phased project achieved a LEED Gold certification.

We also provided construction and project management, from design to construction, including construction planning, coordination of trades, design reviews, quality control, estimating, shop drawings, completion and submission of as-builts, and scheduling services.


New York Power Authority:


ASHRAE Level 1

Building Energy Audits 

Yonkers, NY

New York Power Authority, Yonkers | ASHRAE Level 1 Building Energy Audits |
Yonkers, NY

GSA, James M. Hanley Fed Building

Retro Commissioning

Syracuse, NY

GSA: James M. Hanley Federal Building | Retro Commissioning | Syracuse, NY

Setty provided engineering and commissioning expertise to assess existing conditions, identify system defects, uncover energy conservation and water conservation opportunities, perform diagnostic testing and calibration of controls, and make recommendations via a Commissioning Report. Reflecting ASHRAE Guideline 0 recommended practices, GSA used the initial conditions assessment to identify defective equipment, which was then repaired for follow-up Functional Performance Testing efforts.

The 638 PTAC units were unregulated by the Building Automation Control (BAC) and utilized electric cooling and heating exclusively. Side-by-side PTAC units were identified to be simultaneously funning in opposite conditioning modes (one cooling, and one heating), both at maximum capacity and each physically separated by only 10’ of open undivided space. These were immediately identified as the most energy consuming devices, and a retrofit plan was developed. Water source heating and cooling architecture and a robust BAC system were determined to be the most plausible energy saving strategy. Although this water source system represented a multi-million dollar capital investment, an anticipated twenty-five percent total building energy reduction calculated a rapid return on investment. The new equipment would also be integrated into the BAC system to harvest even greater control and energy savings. Reports were based upon ASHRAE Level II Audits.



GSA:White Plains Courthouse


White Plains, NY

GSA:White Plains Courthouse | Retro-Commissioning | White Plains, NY

Setty provided engineering and commissioning services to conduct retro-commissioning planning, scoping, testing, investigation, evaluation, analysis, calculations and modeling, recommendations, and report writing services for this courthouse. The scope of work was focused on building systems affecting energy use, including shell infiltration and heat loss. The mechanical building systems included: central plant, chillers, cooling towers, air conditioning units, boilers, primary and secondary pumping systems, air handling units, terminal or variable air volume (VAV) boxes, motors, steam traps, dampers, pumps, air ducts, lighting, and building automation / control systems including system programming / sequence of operations, drives, sensors, and lighting controls.


DASNY, NYC College of Technology

Namm Hall

Atrium Lighting Assessment

Brooklyn, NY

DASNY, NYC College of Technology, Namm Hall | Atrium Lighting Assessment | 
Brooklyn, NY


HVAC Commissioning Services

Long Island City, NY

UOVO | HVAC Commissioning Services | Long Island City, NY

As part of the UOVO 41-54 22nd Street Art Storage Facility Project, Setty was contracted to provide partial Mechanical Systems Commissioning services to Art Deluxe for this climate controlled building in, Queens, NY. The purpose of the commissioning was to ensure the smooth progression of the construction project, and the proper completion and testing of the mechanical systems.

The facility is an art storage space for private individuals and institutions, such as museums. This type of storage requires a conditioning and control strategy with a high degree of precision and redundancy in order to prevent temperature or humidity swings that could result in damage to the art. The facility is six stories, and Setty is responsible for commissioning the controls system, rooftop outdoor air system, and a sample of the heating and cooling equipment in the spaces. Mechanical equipment includes gas and electric humidity generators, direct expansion cooling, and gas and electric heating.

Setty is providing commissioning services for the mechanical systems and controls, including helping to design robust sequences of operations, and to train facilities personnel to conduct functional performance testing on future projects with similar equipment. The commissioning project will provide UOVO with turned-over systems that are high performing and reliable, maximizing their value and sharing the expertise to bring future projects to completion just as successfully.

GSA, Land Port of Entry

HVAC Excellence Review

Alexandria Bay, NY

GSA, Land Port of Entry | HVAC Excellence Review | Alexandria Bay, NY

Setty conducted HVAC excellence quality assurance review report for the existing Land Port of Entry (LPOE) at Alexandria Bay, New York.

While completing this report, Setty’s review team focused on the basic design of the HVAC systems, occupant comfort and customer satisfaction, and energy performance; it also included comments on building design features that have significant impact on the HVAC system design, operations and maintenance at formal design submission milestones.  The objective of this Quality Assurance Review is to identify issues of concern regarding the likely performance of the renovated heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system as revealed in the available documentation.

Also, the standards and criteria contained in GSA PBS-P130 “United States Land Port of Entry Design Guide,” 2006 edition, and GSA PBS-P100 “Facilities Standard for the Public Buildings Service,” 2005 edition, are applicable to this project, and documents were reviewed to conform to their standards.

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) 

HVAC Equipment Upgrades 

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) | HVAC Equipment Upgrades | Brooklyn, NY