Setty has considerable experience providing ASHRAE Level 2 and or Level 3 Energy Audits, which identify and analyze a building's existing conditions in order to uncover opportunities for improving the building's energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Opportunities to achieve energy and carbon reductions are also identified.

Our approach in defining proposed conservation measures is holistic, considering the measure’s direct and indirect impacts as well as the costs related to all stages of delivery. Our design capabilities allow us to easily accommodate the “one-line” drawing requirements of ASHRAE Level 3 audits.

Setty’s extensive experience with State and Federal agency clients has provided us with the background to support facility performance mandates related to Executive Orders and Legislation (e.g., EO 13423 and EO 13514).


New York Power Authority (NYPA)

ASHRAE Level 1

Building Energy Audits

Yonkers, NY

GSA: Veterans Administration
(VA) Building

Energy Conservation + Energy Audit

+ Building Automation Control

Washington, DC

GSA: Theodore Roosevelt Building (OPM)

HVAC Tune-Up + Energy Audit

Washington, DC