Setty ensures that our clients’ objectives are met by delivering a project on time and within budget.
Our Project Managers, collaborating with senior management assigned to the project, provides in-house quality
assurance reviews, well before the client receives their deliverables. This attention to detail produces the most
important deliverable... a satisfied customer

Energy and water conservation, sustainability, security, and workplace performance are program goals that can
involve virtually all design disciplines. We are committed to this integrated approach, whether associated with
criteria development, planning, design, construction management or post occupancy evaluation.

Setty is also experienced in managing and integrating all stages of capital project planning and execution,
regardless of delivery method. An integral part of our mission is to optimize building performance by
maintaining conformity, traceability and amenability.


Old Post Office

Design-Build AHU Replacement

+ Chiller Replacement

Washington, DC

GSA: Department of Energy Forrestal Building

A/E Services + CM Services  

Washington, DC

General Services Administration
Howard T. Markey National Courts Bldg.

A/E Services + Project Management

Washington, DC