Setty assists communities in being proactive in their emergency preparedness efforts, as well as their recovery efforts with emergency management.

Emergency Preparedness:

Setty’s engineering will adapt necessary resilient infrastructure and sustainable systems recommendations and options to reinforce the resiliency and emergency operational capacity. The detailed resilient, sustainable, ecologically sensitive and renewable energy pilot plan would become part of the design to be engineered by Setty. Calculations, system capacities, power storage capacities, physical and spatial requirements, cost and lifecycle savings will be submitted and presented as required, along with distribution network and phasing priorities.

Setty develops options and outlines designs for independent Power/Energy renewable and emergency generation, relocation/protection of vulnerable utilities and major electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, communication, life safety and pumping systems. Setty has extensive experience in providing conditions assessments, as well as designing new or replacement emergency generator systems.

The engineering solutions for existing weaknesses/deficiencies that are discovered during the conditions assessments and surveys will be presented in an integrated planning submission that includes budget estimates, phasing options and other recommendations for implementation.

Efficient Recovery Plan:

Setty has experience with Engineering Design and Planning for Resilient Power/Energy, Mechanical and Fire Prevention systems. Our engineers assigned to the Resiliency, Relief & Recovery Team have experience with the design challenges that mechanical, electrical, communications and life safety systems need to overcome to assure their maximum dependability and extended reliability during extreme weather events, storm surges and flooding, and power outages.  

Our focus and expertise is on the engineering and mechanics of all operating, transmitting, receiving and generating systems, including any standby and emergency provisions. Setty will collaborate with other experts as needed in consideration of the physical building and site elements, topographic ground elevations, civil, structural and architectural characteristics of buildings, storage facilities, refrigeration boxes, vaults, emergency generator mountings, floodwalls and wave impact protection measures, to determine the best course of action and feasibility of all available options.

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