Commissioning is a process that evaluates and documents building systems to maximize the likelihood they are being designed, installed, and operated as intended. Setty offers two types of Commissioning services: Fundamental and Enhanced (also known as Total Building Commissioning). Enhanced Commissioning offers the best results and covers both the Design and Construction phases of a project, while Fundamental Commissioning covers only the Construction phase. Our Commissioning experts have both the design experience and field inspection diagnostic capability to verify system operating performance.

Setty takes great pride in the diverse backgrounds that comprise our Commissioning Team. It is this diversity which allows our team to combine the traditional design expertise of an MEP design firm with practical field experience. Our total team approach allows us to provide Commissioning services at all phases of a project, without the need for subcontractors. Not only do our engineers have the experience to evaluate the system from a design perspective, but our system-certified specialists will be able to dig down into the programming language of over a dozen control systems, including both JCI Metasys and Tridium Niagara AX controllers, giving us an intimate understanding of how systems truly operate. 

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